Stinky Tips

This page was designed to share some different ways to use your stringer. When stringing your fish remember to go from the top to the bottom of the fish and to go though both the top and bottom lip. This will help keep your fish alive longer on the stringer and help prolong the life of your stringer by avoiding unnecessary tooth wear. If you would like to share some tips of your own please send them to us.


Coiling up the stringer for easy storage or to hang on your belt. Start with the spike and make small coils big enough for the float to fit inside. Run the end of the stringer up through the middle hole of the float and over all the coils before attaching it to the small hole of the float.

Bait bucket Attachment

Condense your ropes and use your stringer to pull your bait bucket too. (Thanks Capt. Lee)

Wading Belt Hookup

Coiling up the stringer as shown above. I used a double sided velcro strap I found at Home Depot and ran it around a clip on my belt. Stick the spike in the belt and then wrap the velcro strap around the stringer a few times and it is out of the way and ready for action.

Long liner clips or trot line clips can be great to use to easily attach your stringer to about anything from wade belts, kayaks or boats. Simply squeeze the clip and put it behind the spike to keep it from slipping off.

Kayak Quick Release

Stinky Stringers are small enough in diameter to fit through the standard kayak padeyes. Run the stake through and put a shoe lace lock or Nerf foam ball on the backside and you have a secure stringer that quickly comes off and on. (Thanks Capt. Castro , Israel Pena, and George "Kingz" Stevens}