The Stinky Pants Story

Stinky Pant’s humble beginning started out back in 2006 when I decided to make myself a stringer because I was unhappy with the stringers that were on the market. I wanted something durable and slick so coated wire was the answer. Soon I was making them for my friends, and their friends, and it got to the point where I thought maybe I should try selling them. During all of this my son Wyatt was born and I was living the dream changing poopy diapers, so the name Stinky Pants just seemed to fit.  Over the years I have made subtle changes to improve my design, but the same theme remains. I hand make each and every stringer in my shop in Boerne Texas to give the avid angler the best possible stringer they can get. As a full time teacher the stringer business is a hobby for me, but something I take pride in, and stand behind fully. I am not in it to make a fortune, but rather produce something I felt the fishing industry was sorely missing. The people I have met and friendships I have made from starting this little company are reward enough to continue on in my old fashion ways of making each stringer by hand.

Daddy's little helper and the future of

Stinky Pants Fishing!